White Media Shark Redefines Customer Experience

Every business is built upon a solid bedrock of excellent information flows. It is what allows a customer to feel valued and feel assisted. It is what a company uses to make sure it has attained what it needs.


White Media Shark knows the importance of a good customer experience, and it’s willing to grow from there. It has launched a string of changes that will see it redefine the client experience. It is expected the new changes will give it industry leading customer service standards.


At White Media Shark, it is anticipated that any new client will find tracking their AdWords campaign very easy. Whether it’s on Google ads or Bing ads, it will smoothen the whole experience. A client will be kept posted on what’s happening has it happens. It will allow a client the ability to track the effectiveness of the campaign and suggest changes were deemed appropriate.


White Shark Media will enable its customers to choose which platform they seek to use. It will run both new and old ads concurrently and determine the most efficient strategy. It could also decide to advertise certain adverts, in particular, markets and vice versa.


White Shark Media has also noticed gaps in knowledge among its customer care agents. It has launched a training drive to bring them up to standards. So any client can be rest assured when talking to a customer care executive, they are dealing with a competent agent with an intimate understanding of Pay Per Click.


The customer will also be provided with a direct telephone line to specific customer care agents. It will allow the client the power to call anytime and make enquiries and follow-ups.The customer will also have access to experienced supervisors. They will handle cases where the agent felt were mishandled.


White Shark Media will also make sure no customer loses touch with their ad campaign. They will teach you how it works and how you can know its metrics. They will also register a Google AdWords account with the customer’s name. It will allow a customer to not only stay in touch with the ad campaign but also know when its effect is growing or reducing.


White Shark Media understands that sometimes customers can come through the phone. It has partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking features. It is crucial for you to know where most of your clients are coming from so as to target that demographic. It will also allow White Shark Media to optimise the campaign unique to that demographic.


White Shark Media has changed how PayPerClick is run online, and we wish it the very best.

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