White Shark Media Acknowledges Client Concerns

White Shark Media exists to help customers achieve their goals in pay per click advertising. A solid AdWords campaign with Google or Bing (or both) could lead to a solid influx of new customers. Testimonials on the White Shark Media website reveal a number of satisfied clients who are thrilled with their newfound increase in sales. Many noted the costs associated with the conversions were lower than expected, which further adds to the benefits of affiliation.

No business can please everyone, and a few clients did levy a few complaints. White Shark Media prides itself in being a responsible company, and this is proven by the actions taken by the company to address those problems. The company has taken to its blog to discuss a few complaints and, more importantly, address what is being done to alleviate customer concerns.

White Shark Media has greatly improved communications in the office. Clients are able to make contact with employees easier, and they can stay on top of their campaigns much more easily. At the very beginning, a complete overview of what the campaign is to entail is presented to clients. When a client has a better understanding from the onset, a lot of questions are already answered.

To ensure the clients are always up to date on how the campaign is going, monthly meetings are conducted between a company representative and the client via web streaming. A generic webcam/messenger system is not used for this process. Rather, White Shark Media has partnered with GoToMeeting to ensure no technical flaws are experienced. The meeting should go smoothly.

Additionally, anyone who wants to make a follow-up call to a search engine marketing specialist can do so without going through a reception area. Clients preferred direct extensions for their assigned SEM specialists, and White Shark Media listened.

White Shark Media has made a number of positive changes, and these changes should improve the experiences of clients.

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