Why It Is Worth Investing In Brazil

Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy; there are several activities that have taken place in the last couple years that have put Brazil on the global map. A good example is the recently concluded world cup that provided a challenge and also an opportunity to Brazil fund managers. They excelled greatly in their delivery.
Being the seventh largest asset management country in the world today, Brazil has a reputation when it comes to funds and resources management. The economy has been on the slow but that has not dampened the prospects of the industry. Inflation has been controlled to rates of 6.5 percent and the lending ratio of the central bank of Brazil has been put at less than 10 percent. These rates are still affordable compared to other markets.
There are several asset management companies in Brazil today. Some of them manage assets outside Brazil and even Latin America. Serving markets in the USA, Europe and Asia. This is an indication that they are able and positive in their approach. Through risk management and articulate planning, they have been able to shove up good returns. These companies are a sure indicator of the future, taking up risks and being able to navigate through any challenge.
One of the companies that have performed well in the Brazilian economy is Bridge Trust Administration Resources. The company is headed by Mr. Zeca Oliveira who is the president. Mr. Oliveira previously worked at BNY Mellon as the chief executive officer from 1998 to 2013. Through his leadership, Bridge Trust was able to merge with Gradual investments bringing the total assets under management to R $ 6.5 billion. In this partnership Mr. Oliveira is in charge of funds and resources management. Gradual investments have been around for over 25 years therefore bringing about a merger of value addition and a lot of opportunities.
There are several sectors that an individual or company can invest in Brazil, these ranges from the oil and Gas sector, agriculture and manufacturing. The beverages industry has been one of the strongest performers over the years therefore, buying stocks in these types of companies will not disappoint for there are investment managing firms experienced enough to manage your investment.

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