Why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking Sales from Amazon

Amazon is the top retailer in the clothing niche and the closest competition seems like leap years away. That is because when you look at sales, with thousands fighting for every dollar in this competitive niche, you only need to look at how much Amazon makes compared to the rest of that market. With 20 percent of all sales in this space, Amazon has little fear about one company breaking free from the pack. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics might just be that one clothing company that does the impossible, having already sold a little over $250 million in sales of women’s workout apparel.


Take a closer listen to how Hudson explains the success of her athleisure brand. This isn’t about high-quality active-wear or inexpensive workout apparel, the two driving forces to the success of the brand come down to reverse showrooming and a very rewarding membership package. Looking at how business is conducted at the Fabletics stores in the mall, women are doing things you normally do not see in retail clothing stores. Here you find female customer applying for membership, taking a lifestyle quiz, window-shopping with zero pressure from sales associates, and the ability to try on everything inside the store.


Part of the perks of membership at Hudson’s Fabletics include those items that you were wearing in the store in that mall being uploaded to your online account. Now when these women have more time in their busy days to shop, they can visit the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics e-commerce site, and there they will find all those items they were wearing at the mall. The inventory is huge at the e-commerce site, so what winds up happening is these women will begin looking for pieces or workout apparel based on colors, styles, and new arrivals, and the questions about sizing are eliminated.


Here is why women are so drawn to Fabletics. These customers are buying on impulse and want to wear those pieces of workout apparel today. When you are shopping at other retailers like Amazon, you pay for shipping and get a size that may not fit your perfectly. By the time you send it back and get the right size, several weeks may have passed and the attraction to those pieces wore off. With Fabletics, these same customers get their hands on that apparel this week, so they can hit the gym and show off what they found online while they are still excited about the purchase.


Unlike shopping at Amazon, where you have to order one piece and wait for it to arrive before you see how it fits, the reverse showrooming process eliminates all doubts. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers also receive free shipping for online orders, unlike paying $80 a year to have shipping perks from Amazon. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics members get discounted pricing and even the assistance of a personal shopper who uses quiz results as a guide for selecting one item each month to add to your shopping cart for your buying consideration too.

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