Wilson Gets a Ton of Help


Russell Wilson is hands down a great quarterback in the National Football League that has come in with poise and taken control of the Seattle Seahawks despite being a low draft pick and having to compete for his job in his first season as a professional football player. There is no doubt that he is a great quarterback and deserves all the credit for the success that he has produced with the Seahawks, but he has gotten some support that no one else in the NFL gets. According to Dan Newlin, Russell Wilson is twelve and seven in his career when his quarter back rating was below his opponents quarterback rating which is truly unprecedented in the league. To get an idea, the average in the NFL for wins when the quarterback loses the quarterback rating is eighteen percent. There isn’t a team that is close to 500 so that shows you how much support Russell Wilson gets from his defense. It was shown in the NFC championship, when Wilson played terrible football and threw for hardly any yards, no touchdowns and four interceptions in the first fifty-five minutes of play. There’s no way the Seahawks should have won that game, but there truly is no reason that Seattle should have been in a position to even make an attempt at a comeback. The defense kept them in the game and in it all season and Wilson should be thanking his defense, if not giving them a cut of his paycheck.

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