Woman Returns Lost Wallet found in Cab

When faced with the finding of Tom Rothman and a wallet filled with $340, many would choose to keep it, or at least think about keeping it. After all, what are the odds of the wallet’s owner actually being found, and how long would it take?
Makeup artist Annie Martin, however, found one such wallet in a taxi cab and opted to find the owner. Because the wallet contained no clues as to who its owner was, she reached out to WABC-TV’s Nina Pineda for help.
A trip to the Baychester Payment Center, a check-cashing business that a clue in the wallet led her to, gave Pineda success as cashier Sonya Carballo recognized the customer.
The wallet belonged to hard-working father Gabriel Hernandez, and the money was from one of his three jobs. Hernandez truly experienced a Christmas miracle when his wallet was returned to him with the cash for his two sons’ presents still inside.

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